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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This attorney is no longer in private practice. Mike is serving, under a call to active duty, as a full-time Title 10 Special Victim’s Counsel (SVC) for three years beginning on Feb 1, 2014. In other words, he is only practicing law as an active duty JAG officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Please be advised that the contact information contained on this website, if you can see it, is inaccurate and any messages will not be returned. If you are viewing this website, the settings have been adjusted so the website is hidden from the public. As is sometimes the case, such settings do not always work.  

Welcome to this website!

Michael E. Adams, Attorney at Law, is a business and estate planning focused law firm providing professional, efficient and affordable legal representation to new start-ups, small businesses, private companies, and individuals located in Sweet Home, Foster, Cascadia, Lebanon, Albany and throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Too often, we don't plan. We are not proactive, but reactive.

You figure it will take too much time, be too inconvenient, and cost too much. So you procrastinate, resolving to do it next week, or next month, or at some other point in the future. Don't wait. It doesn't have to be inconvenient, take too long or be a frustrating process to see an attorney.

Mike will listen to your concerns and strive to accomplish your goals and objectives. 

Sweet Home Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning, when done correctly, should above all else provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have done everything you can to protect yourself and your family. Don't wait. You deserve the peace of mind that results from proper estate planning using a revocable living trust, will, power of attorney, advanced directive and other estate planning documents

Sweet Home Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate transactions and disputes are often exceedingly complicated. If you think you need a lawyer, you are probably correct. Let an experienced real estate lawyer assist you with your real estate legal needs, including deeds, easements, property line adjustments, property transactions, demand letter for not paying the mortgage or rent, or a dispute with a neighboring property owner.

Sweet Home Business Lawyer

Mike understands that day-to-day legal concerns can be time consuming and distract business owners from long-term planning. However, at some point, it is necessary to do proper planning. Whether buying or selling a business, drafting a contract, forming a corporation or limited liability company, or planning your exit strategy, contact an experienced business lawyer to assist you.  

Available As Outside Counsel For Your Business

Mike is outside counsel for a corporation located in Albany, Oregon. He is open to performing work as outside counsel for other government entities, non-profits and private businesses.

Mike also has a contract with Linn County to complete the involuntary civil commitment trials under ORS Chapter 426. In this capacity, he represents the interests of the State of Oregon while providing advice to the Linn County Mental Health Department.

If you think Mike might be able to assist you with your ongoing business needs on a reoccurring basis each month, contact Mike to discuss this possibility. Flat fee arrangements are available.

About Mike
Michael E. Adams has a law firm 
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